Valentine’s Tribute Video Giveaway Details

Greetings! If you’re here to learn more about the Valentine’s Day Tribute Video for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. We are excited to be sharing our special project with your and your loved one. 

Whether a boyfriend, wife, family member, pet, we want to bring you something unique to give them this Valentine’s day.

But, before you enter, please make sure you read over all of the following.

Contact Us with Your Story

Contact DrakonStudio with a brief description of your loved one and what makes them so special to you. Include your name and contact information. All participants must currently reside on Long Island. Please use one of the following methods to submit your description:

Submit by February 28, 2013 by Noon. 

In your description, include:

  • The names of any people who may also want to be involved in talking to us about this very special person.
  • Do you have home video and images available for the final video?

NOTE: If you would like to keep the gift private from the loved one who may also be on Facebook, please let us know in your description, and we’ll contact you privately should you win. We’ll only announce that a secret winner has been chosen.

The Winning Participant

The winning participant will receive a Valentine’s Day Tribute Video for his or her loved one. The video will be a creative visual tribute to this loved one and will involve brief on-camera interviews with the participant and the loved one’s family and friends (please see below for more details*). If available, home videos and pictures of the loved one will also be incorporated into the video.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of three DrakonStudio staff members. After the selection is made, the winning participant will be contacted and announced on our Facebook page on February 28, 2013 (unless the participant has requested a private announcement). Failure to respond within 24 hours to any attempts of contact will result in a delay or possible forfeit of production.

Production Day

Production will take place over the course of one day. If the winning participant is available on March 2nd or 3rd, production will take place on this date, and the video will be ready to present to the lucky loved one by Valentine’s Day. If unavailable on February 2nd or 3rd, the winning participant and DrakonStudio will discuss the most convenient date for production and the video will be presented at an adjusted date.

*When submitting your email, Facebook message or video, please keep at least two of your loved one’s family or friends in mind that would be available on the decided production day to tell us, on camera, about your loved one. We make it easy. No stress or nerves at all, we promise. If you have no one in mind, but would still love to submit your story, do it anyway! Just be ready to talk on camera about your loved one.

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